Plant-based food structured by 3D printing: Opportunities and challenges

In this talk, we will discuss the opportunities and challenges which come along with using 3D printing to structure food. We will also provide 2 case studies, one is using a desktop 3D printer to create a prototype fish analogue; the other one is using a protein structuring printer to create fibrous structure on a micro-scale which can be the basis for a plant-based burger.

A presentation by Bei Tian, scientist / project leader at Wageningen Food and Biobased Research.

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Plant-based meat analogues: The taste challenges and prospects


Despite the fast progress of delivering specific meaty cooking cues in today’s modern plant-based meat analogues, authentic beefy, chicken or pork sensorial experiences are still missing. This is due to different challenges facing both the flavor and the food industry alike; first (i) the overwhelmingly intrinsic off flavor profile coming from textured plant proteins used, then (ii) the flavor-scavenging feature of the plant proteins and meat analogues other ingredients they suck up the flavors like a sponge sucks up water, which leads to unbalanced flavor performance and weaker and inconsistent flavor stability and finally (iii) the lack of authentic vegan and natural meaty flavors that would create the genuine characterizing meat sensory experience.

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